Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

SearchInform Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) ONE MONTH OFFER

As a leading MSSP, we offer comprehensive security solutions tailored to your specific needs. No more Data Leaks !!
From GDPR and HIPAA compliance to proactive threat monitoring and incident response, our services cover all aspects of cybersecurity.
Gain peace of mind, experience the power of our MSSP solutions firsthand and ensure the protection of your sensitive data.
Don't let security challenges hold you back, partner with MSSP today for unparalleled cybersecurity expertise and support.
Your trusted partner in safeguarding your organization's digital assets !!

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Managed service advantage for individuals businesses and governements held on February 28 at 15 GMT

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SearchInform Maximize Optimization CyberSecurity Services

The Certified SerachInform MSSP Security Analyst specializing in risk assessment, mitigation, and regulatory compliance, evaluates business risks associated with the staff, analyzes user activity within systems, and implements a robust toolkit including employee monitoring and time tracking software.
These measures collectively fortify your defenses, proactively preventing data leaks, fraud, sabotage, and other potential incidents.
Our services encompass:

  • Installation and configuration of tools for controlling data transfer methods: through communication channels and to external storage devices (DLP).
  • Analysis of information intercepted by DLP and the identification of violations.
  • Generation of detailed incident reports.
  • Employee monitoring, insider threat detection, and blackmail discovery.
  • Performance monitoring and support for project management.
  • Internal threat detection, early warning, and identification of influencing factors.

Searchinform Detailed Services

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SearchInform DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Leak Prevention (DLP), Information Security

SearchInform DLP provides a full-functional comprehensive toolset to protect a company from confidential information leakage. The system incorporates instruments for monitoring nearly each communication and data transfer channel, including messengers, email, web forms and chats, social media, external storage devices, printers and other popular means to share information. Thanks to wide-range data transfer and communication channels control it helps prevent violations and facilitates regulatory compliance simplifying conformity to basic requirements of privacy-related law, including GDPR.

It allows you to assess performance or get an insight into an incident with the help of up to 100 various reports. Supplies more than 300 preconfigured policies to quickly launch the solution and obtain the first results. The settings are easily adjustable and can be tailored to any industry focusing on issues which are of primary importance for a small, medium and large businesses and organisations which operate in any particular sector.

Solid channel monitoring includes ongoing or scheduled check of communication and data sharing via email, messengers, flash drives, printer output, the solution controls user activity in the cloud, information transmitted over HTTP/HTTPS protocols, sent or received over FTP, including encrypted connection (FTPS).

Our product will be interesting for CEO, CISO, CRO, CTO, CIO and anyone who is responsible for data protection and risk management within a company.

The solution correct deployment and implementation is ensured with the experienced and responsive technical support which helps customers during the launch process and accompanies every further step.

SearchInform product is also offered as a solution for MSSP. Managed Security Service Providers will supply the businesses with customisable services and a number of the solution deployment options – on the customer’s server or in the cloud. The company facilitates trust and long-lasting cooperation between a customer and an MSSP as clients receive services tailored to their specific needs and continued support.

The cloud deployment model allows a customer to opt for a subscription model – infrastructure and software can be rented and services can be paid once a month. This model will be suitable for:

  • small, medium and large enterprises who don’t have their own IT infrastructure, or it is limited;
  • companies who have no specialists ready to mitigate cybersecurity risks or deploy the system;
  • companies who prefer not to purchase software licenses but to pay for the service once per month.

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