Just Enough Scala

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Scala is a programming language that is a superset of Java, blending the object-oriented and the functional programming paradigms.
The language is complex and could take a semester or more to master.
This class focuses only on the elements that are necessary to be able to program in Cloudera’s training courses.

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SCALA01 Just Enough Scala 1 jours Nous consulter


  • What Scala is and how it differs from languages such as Java or Python
  • Why Scala is a good choice for Spark programming
  • How to use key language features such as data types, collections, and flow control
  • How to implement functional programming solutions in Scala
  • How to work with Scala classes, packages, and libraries Working with libraries




  • Basic knowledge of programming concepts such as objects, conditional statements, and looping is required.
  • This course is best suited to students with Java programming experience.
  • Those with experience in another language may prefer the Just Enough Python course.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux is assumed.


Spark and Hadoop Developer Training


50% Pratique 50% Théorique



Scala Overview
Introducing Scala
Scala’s Role in Distributed

Data Processing

The Motivation for Scala

Scala Basics

Key Scala Concepts
Programming in Scala
Putting Scala Basics to Work

Working with Data Types

Overview of Scala Variables
Operating with Numeric Types
Building Boolean Expressions
Working with Strings

Grouping Data Together

Storing Elements of Different Types
Overview of Scala Collection Types
Creating a Collection of Unique Elements
Fast Access to Head of Collection
Fast Access to Arbitrary Elements
Fast Access with a Key
Common Collection Type Conversions

Flow Control in Scala

Using Iterators
Writing Functions
Passing Functions as Arguments
Collection Iteration Methods
Pattern Matching
Processing Data with Partial Functions

Using and Creating Libraries

Using Classes and Objects
Creating and Using Packages
Importing Part of a Package





Scala Java